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Erin Taniguchi is an illustrator and printmaker based in Vancouver, Canada. Their love of fantasy along with Norse, Greek, Japanese and Egyptian mythology influence their work. Other influences include animals and handmade items.  

They pull together tradition and technology to create unique pieces that tell stories through image. You can see reflections of relief printing in their work, giving each piece texture and depth. They specialize in linocut combined with digital technology to produce art that is textured and bold. 

Their work can be described as thought-provoking, weighty and contemplative. Magazines throughout Canada and the USA have featured their illustration. They are often commissioned to illustrate for works of fiction, current affairs and political articles.

They take a more traditional approach to their fine art, where they focus on etching. You can find their fine art at their shared studio space at the Dundarave Print Workshop on Granville Island, an excellent place to visit when in Vancouver.  

With a fine arts degree from Emily Carr University, Erin enjoys creating art, teaching printmaking skills, and supporting other artists with their journey.  You can find Erin online at

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