The DPW Gallery, in front of the workshop, exhibits members’ work throughout the year. Members can apply for solo or group exhibitions, while group shows of smaller format prints are held in the summer and winter months to showcase all of the members’ new work.


The DPW Gallery has a wide variety of original prints of all sizes for sale. Small format prints are packaged and displayed in the gallery, while large works are available from the print portfolios. Come in and browse our selection to see the range of artwork from Dundarave members.




May 21st – June 6th 2021

This exhibition features new screenprints by Lee James Abbott exploring loneliness and isolation.  Artist statement below.


Earlier this year I witnessed the police breaking down the door of my missing neighbour to find him dead. Even more shocking was the discovery that he had been deceased and undetected for almost 2 months.


The trauma and regret of living next to my deceased neighbour has pushed me to explore loneliness and isolation in our modern world.


Through manipulating my emotive photography and graphics to create serigraphs, this body of work has been created to raise awareness for a condition that we have all faced at some point in our lives, and especially over the last 14 months.