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Making marks (and art) is an integral part of who we are as a species. We make marks to communicate, to inform and to express ourselves.


I love to manipulate pigment with my hands or with anything and everything including unconventional tools from our local dollar store. This hands-on approach led me to the more ‘painterly’ printmaking techniques including monotype and collagraph. I truly enjoy the process of coaxing an image out of the ink/pigment on my plate. Every new print is an exploration in mark-making and an opportunity to mix medias or techniques for unexpected results.


I try to create pieces that encourage the viewer’s eye to linger; to explore the textures and the shapes to see beyond their initial impression.


I have an associate degree in Commercial Art from Capilano University and work as a graphic designer in Vancouver, BC., specializing in creating graphics for museums and cultural centres.

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