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Gail Fromson, a printmaker born in Winnipeg, is currently living and working in Vancouver, Canada. Her formal education is in the fields of Interior Architecture (B.I.D) and Architecture (M.Arch.). In addition to extensive experience as a studio artist, for a decade and a half she taught as a Professor of Design in the School of Design, Faculty of Architecture and Design at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.

Viewing the creative world in an essential and abstract form, Gail uses a reductive approach to create imagined spaces and landscapes. Her print work encompasses both hand-pulled prints and digital prints. Working without a formal plan, she allows her intuition to counter-balance more considered attention. The process is iterative. It involves a constant interplay of intuitive responses to marks made and reflective moments to assess the visual serendipities that occur. With a wealth of images, experiences and ideas deeply embedded in her subconscious mind - memories, spaces, colors, remembered places - she searches for the wonderful visual opportunities that occur during the art-making process. Her interest is to capture a potent aesthetic energy in the work that allows the observer to engage, connect and absorb in their own unique and meaningful ways.

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