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DPW has 28 full time members. Available memberships are open to any competent printmaker upon acceptance of their application and portfolio. Eligibility is based upon the individual’s printmaking skills, education, professional art experience and any qualifications or attributes that will enhance the cooperative environment of the workshop.


The portfolio (a minimum of 10 prints) should show technical proficiency and the professional attitude of the applicant. Please include a list of the portfolio prints, a CV and the DPW application form. An affordable annual membership fee allows artists 24-hour access to the print workshop, the use of the equipment and supplies, a paper shelf and supplies cupboard. New members currently are asked to do 1 day a month and outside volunteers sign up for 2-4 days in exchange for studio time. Members and volunteers who teach in the studio are not required to do desk time.

For more information please email or to receive an application form fill, please click the button below.

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